Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tim Adam and his $47 a month "Etsy Secrets"

Bloody ridiculous.

The whole site is set up like a bad work at home scam - and in all fairness, compared to a lot of other etsians, he doesn't even have that many sales.

And - if you have a spare $47 a month - you don't need his "secrets" anyhow - spend the money on advertising, making new stuff, or just buy yourself a present and put that positive energy into your shop.

His whole 'oooo am only going to let the first 200 people in" is bull. How would you know if more signed up?

Seriously people - don't fall for this crap - the man is trying to pull money out of desperate people - all the information you need is in the etsy forums, or on blogs, or is plain old common sense.

And stop spamming twitter damn it.


I know I said I'd never name names - but this is outright scamville. I apologise.


  1. All anyone needs to do is look for all his posts in Etsy and there you have it. All you need to know and some eye-openers as well.

  2. Ya know, I knew this guy was like this a long time ago, just from instinct. I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, but he just kept giving me that creep vibe. "Care about the community" my ass, I knew he was full of shit, and now it's unquestionable. I'm just glad I'm not the only one who gets it.

  3. He's a spammer and a scammer and uses the etsy forums to fleece people and teach them to spam.

    He's one of the very bad guys who say they are only trying to help while taking advantage of people.

    PLEASE do not fall for this scam. You can buy Google Adwords or proper advertising or renew like crazy for that kind of money.

    The main thing is that he is just telling people how to spam for $47 per month. If that's your chosen business plan you can figure it out for yourself without giving this scammer your money.

    Spam always backfires.

  4. I agree!! I hope people aren't falling for this. I thought his approach was creepy all along, but tried to give him the benefit of doubt. Not anymore. I have removed him from my bookmarks and facebook. yuck!

  5. Always thought he was an asshole - he spammed the forums for ages, and some of the 'grateful' posts from his followers were puke-inducing. Thanks!

  6. Thanks for sharing. So many of us were concerned & this just verifies what my gut was telling me. I always say, God doesn't give me those gut feelings for nothing.

  7. Can't stand him, he's beyond a phony :*(




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